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Welcome to you all!


My name is Jan Bayshor. In my work career, I have been a teacher, counselor and therapist in public and private settings with both children and adults, and am currently a spiritual/life coach. I have been honored over the years to be part of and witness to hundreds of stories of deep, personal journeys that people have shared. In these experiences, we all have been teachers and students simultaneously, mirroring and exploring what connects us all as humans on quests for meaning and purpose.


I have been fortunate to have had some extraordinary teachers to empower and guide me in my work:


  • Joe Quaranta was my first model, teacher and mentor for the value of learning through direct experience— especially when it required a leap into the unknown and the development of ongoing creativity.


  • Delorise Lucas, my first Spiritual teacher, modeled and taught that we are both Spirit and human, part of a larger Design with direct access to information and guidance beyond the limits of our local selves. She gave me the key that unlocked the door to experiencing levels of reality beyond what we can generally sense at the physical level.


  • Jean Houston has been an ongoing, brilliant model and teacher for how we are encoded with greater capacities and potential than we have even yet imagined, and how to develop these capacities in order to be of service on this planet in these times of great change.


  • Felicitas Goodman, embodying a determination to bring vision into form, modeled and taught the value of seeing all cultures as having an essential and valuable contribution to make, and how to see with the eyes and heart in new ways in order to discover those contributions that have been in front of us from ancient times to the present.


I am interested in continuing to explore how to discern, opt for and act on the perceptions, choices, actions that help us to be our best selves.   By committing to this way of life, we reinforce and strengthen the energies and qualities that contribute to being our best, and transform the patterns that keep us from realizing our greatest destiny. In this way, we increase our desire  and capacity for altruistic service. I have found this to be an ongoing, ever-changing process, simultaneously full of great challenges and extraordinary joy.


In my unfolding process, I am exploring writing and photography as part of newly- awakened interests and capacities. There is a quality of the Unknown bubbling-up at this time, with no exact vision of where this Path is going. When that is present, I know my part is to be open to whatever experiences of sparkling synchronicity present themselves, requiring me to be ready to respond at a moment’s notice. I am not unique in this—Life itself has the quality of the Unknown embedded in it. I invite us all into it as the Greatest Adventure of All!

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