If all Creation is Sacred Vibration, then

The Dance reveals the Secrets of the Blueprint,

The Song celebrates this Remembrance,

The Image translates Pattern into Form,

and The Words ground it all to us here…




This site is for any of you who are searching for ways to connect to the energy of Spirit, however you define that. I will work to provide ideas about what might be helpful in order to experience more of that energy in our lives, and how to strengthen the connection to Spirit more consistently.


The purpose of this process of connection is to create a way of life that is richer in meaning, structuring a basis for defining and fulfilling a unique destiny. Hopefully, through this invitation, I might provide encouragement for more and more of us to contribute to the unfolding story that is occurring individually, as well as in relational experiences at the personal, community and planetary levels.


I will say from the outset that this is not one of the quick and easy pathways that seem so popular these days. The ideas I will offer about this way of life require a conscious commitment to knowing and developing oneself in deeper ways. Ultimately this leads to a yearning to connect with others on a similar quest, and to contribute one’s unique gift in Service to others, honoring existence of consciousness and depth in past, present and future times.


One of the most essential aspects of this way of life is to develop and train ourselves to think, feel, perceive and sense in new and different ways. We have been taught to create structures that focus on limits and logic. For a Spiritual way of life, we must go beyond the familiar and find the openness and creativity that is part of our Design.


The first words about Sacred Vibration that I wrote to open this section provide an overview of my perceptions about how the Universe is Designed for our participation:


  • The Dance, Vibration in specific Patterns that I call “Fields of Spirit,” is the underlying basis for all experience. These Fields are the structural building blocks of Creation, and determine how Energy manifests.


  • The Song, direct, sensory experience of The Dance that can be expressed and felt, is that which gives us a way to define and share deep Essence of both material and energetic forms.



  • The Image is how we perceive and reflect light and Pattern to each other, and is the link between energetic structure and material form. It is what we perceive as “Matter,” and all representations of it.


  • The Words, any form of language, is a very specific and unique human way of understanding and interacting with each other in relation to underlying energetic Pattern and form. This is the way that we as the Sacred Dancers of matter and energy, seek to sort out the incredible complexity of the Design.  


Hopefully, the ideas that you find here will provide practice in perceiving and experiencing ourselves and the world in new ways. Because each of us is an aspect of The Dance, The Song, The Image and The Words, we each contribute to one Field of Energy or another with each choice that we make. May we journey together in order to strengthen the Energetic Fields most needs on the planet today! 


And so, we begin the journey!


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