Posted by: fieldsofspirit | February 19, 2013

Beauty, the Messenger of Truth: Winter Magic, 17

About this time during winter,
instead of magic we can grow weary of the same patterns
day in and day out
that just seem to drag along,
making it feel that the changes that we seek that herald a new season
are no closer than they were yesterday.

Then it’s best to look for a beacon that draws us forward,
that helps us find the strength and endurance to keep going along our path
between one patch of light and the next…DSC_9325 4



  1. Wow! You certainly were right on target with these thoughts. I will carry these thoughts and visual with me as I go throughout my day. Thank you for this gift. It is good to see the Greater Perspective back in action I have been missing it recently. It is such an inspiration to me. It also helps me to adjust my lens when it is out of focus. Thank you again for this beacon of light. Love and Blessings~Barb

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