Posted by: fieldsofspirit | July 5, 2012

Beauty, the Messenger of Truth: A New Experience Update

A few days ago, I shared the experience of the family of foxes that were living and playing in my backyard.

Just after that, they disappeared, leaving the imprint of their joy in all of their favorite places. My hope is that they are safe in a somewhat wilder place with more to eat.

I miss their presence.

Coincidentally, I broke a cup that I have had for years, and was reminded of a Buddhist teaching that I heard long ago:                                                           “Drink from your favorite cup as if it is already broken.”

It reminds me to make sure that I am experiencing all of the joy in the moment that is possible, because there are no guarantees about what will be in form tomorrow.

The fox family gave me that opportunity and I am grateful…

…and so today, instead of Mama Fox, my broken cup occupies her space…



  1. A friend once told me that objects we cherish, like your cup, absorb our love as we use them. Then, when they are completely sated with that energy they break, there by releasing all that goodness back to the Universe to go where it is needed. May the energy of your cup follow the fox family and give them protection and sustenance.

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