Posted by: fieldsofspirit | July 4, 2012

Beauty, the Messenger of Truth: Inspiration for a Different Perspective

Today in the United States it is “Independence Day,” commemorating the day in 1776 when a Declaration was signed to create a new country, separate from England. It was deemed necessary, given the circumstances at the time, and it probably was.

It got me to thinking, however, about the concept in general of “independence. ” Since the physicists tell us that everything is connected, it seems that there is no such thing as complete independence if we define that as separation.

As I was communing with the full moon last night, I was experiencing the “interdependence” between the earth, moon and sun. The light of the moon was shimmering on the lake, and yet it was really the reflected light of the sun that I was seeing, held in a beautiful way by this planet.

So, taking nothing away from what is being celebrated here today, I’m celebrating “Inter-dependence Day” as well, and the interrelationship of us all…

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