Posted by: fieldsofspirit | July 3, 2012

Beauty, the Messenger of Truth: A New Experience

I’ve had a few glitches with my internet the last few days, which has given me more opportunity to immerse myself in a magical time here.

While my daughter was here visiting, we discovered a family of foxes living underneath my back porch, using my back yard as their personal playground.  I have seen two adults and five little ones, expressing natural joy with each other.

I have never had the pure pleasure of observing foxes this close for such an extended period of time. The parents are attentive to their offspring without limiting their play, and are teaching them to hunt.

Yesterday there was a change, as they all disappeared for most of the day. Only one adult and two little ones returned last evening, looking tired. It is perhaps the way of the natural world that requires that we all adapt, and the fox family reflected that under the light of the moon last night.

I do not know what today will bring in this unfolding story of joy and change. This is the story of life…



  1. This is gorgeous! You are amazing! =)

  2. Sooo…cute!

  3. its great stuff. thanks for sharing…waiting for your next update.

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