Posted by: fieldsofspirit | June 22, 2012

Beauty, the Messenger of Truth: What’s the Use, 8

As I was hiking near my favorite waterfall yesterday, I was thinking about the concept of there being an underlying pattern and the designs that manifest from it. I began to play a “Nature Scavenger Hunt” game with my surroundings, looking for variations on a specific theme.

As I became more conscious of what I was doing, I also became more aware of my role as an active participant, interacting with my surroundings. I felt I could almost become part of the design that I had chosen to notice, and felt the connections among the different forms of that part of the pattern.

Through that design, I could commune at deeper levels with Beauty that exists at the Pattern level and in form.

I invite us all, wherever we are, to experience ourselves as part of the design and pattern. Go on your own Nature Scavenger Hunt and listen to the message that Beauty has for you.

Here’s another variation on the theme from yesterday…

I have to wonder if the flower and the sea star speak to each other somehow in the language of their design…


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