Posted by: fieldsofspirit | June 11, 2012

Beauty, The Messenger of Truth…a Resonant Wholeness

Here’s what we’ve been looking at from different perspectivesImage

It’s the Sundial Bridge in Redding, California, that spans the Sacramento River for use by pedestrians and bicyclists. It was envisioned and designed by Santiago Calatrava, and made manifest by countless others who participated in the vision. Both individuals and then a whole collective contributed a part in the process.

You’ve been seeing it from both topside and underneath, looking across the river with light reflected, and the beautiful patterns of the mosaic tiles that make up the outer layer of its surface.

I picked this an example not because it’s famous–or expensive or controversial because of the cost. All of those things are true. However, it is also an example of what can emerge when natural Beauty and the message of underlying, resonant design inspires and joins with the human capacity for creativity, vision and manifestation.

In this case, although designed by Calavara, it is also an example of the necessity for combined talents, skills, effort and contribution by many. Not that there must surely have been times of dissonance along the way in the process of building this structure. Somehow, however, the resonance at the heart of the design was stronger because here it is, in form.

This is one example–and a spectacular one–of how humans, as part of Nature, become not just part of creation but also the vessel and vehicle for it. It is an example of what can occur when someone comes into resonance with the natural world in any given location.

In this case, the river and surrounding landscape, the sun, the moon the stars and the sky itself are part of the what shape the experience of the human-made structure. In form, it is and experience of art and nature, integrated into oneImage

It speaks to how we each can reveal ourselves as an active Messenger of Beauty as Truth. More to come on this thought…


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