Posted by: fieldsofspirit | June 8, 2012

Beauty, the Messenger of Truth, 3

The question of determining what is the purpose of shifting into Resonance requires actual shifting–not a huge insight, I know! At the same time, it’s not always so easy to do.

In this regard, I’ve been thinking of the old story about the blind men and the elephant. They are trying to determine just what an elephant looks like. Each man is touching a different  part, and so each has a different idea about what an elephant must be. In various versions, their ideas range from tree trunks and pillars (the legs) to hand fans (ears), a waterspout (trunk), etc. The story itself has been told in many cultures to demonstrate different teachings.

I’d like to use it as a way to work with the photo hints here related to the question of shifting into resonance. Rather than experiencing them only as separate and unrelated images,  I invite you to experience them also as aspects of a larger whole. Both the parts and the whole have their own Beauty, their own resonance.

Remembering that the parts and the whole exist simultaneously is part of the skill and practice of shifting at will, from one perspective to another.

I invite you to play with these images, be open to your own experience of what each part indicates about the whole. The Task is not just to guess what the whole might be, but to find Beauty in each part. Here’s the next hint, related to yesterday’s image but from a new perspective:

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