Posted by: fieldsofspirit | January 27, 2011


Yang directs us along our chosen Path, and helps us move beyond obstacles

Although we might not always be conscious of it, we are using Yin and Yang constantly.

  • Perfection exists at the Design level that allows us to make conscious choice.
  • When we have a sense of what is Calling for Form–even when it is pre-conscious–we can use Yang to generate the energy to direct our intentions and choices toward that.
  • Yang provides the Force that reinforces or changes the Path that we are on.
  • Once we recognize this, we can participate as a conscious partner in the process.
  • Then, we can make use of that directional Force, drawing on it in order to make room for the space needed for manifestation–a process of Yin.
  • Yin, through intention and action, structures the space and Calls what is Needed for manifestation to occur.
  • Yin, connected with the Force of Yang, follows-through as the vehicle for material world manifestation.

Yang and Yin are perfectly designed to work together. This is an example at the very basic template level of how “opposing” forces are actually part of the larger whole.

I’m wondering how we got so mixed-up about how to work in balance with “opposition?”


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