Posted by: fieldsofspirit | January 26, 2011


“Yin” energy is often misunderstood as being passive, adapting to whatever occurs.

  • It seems to be unimportant.
  • It is defined as “weak” and particularly in connection with “feminine” qualities.

Instead, conscious Yin is more about Service through structuring and holding space for Creation and for the manifestation of Form.

  • When working as designed, it bcomes the vehicle for Creation, providing what is Necessary according to what is needed most at any point in time.
  • It is often overlooked as an active process, because it may seem to be invisible–as if holding space takes no effort.
  • When operating correctly, it may seem that Yin processes are “natural,”  thus requiring no conscious choice at all.
  • In fact, to choose to be a vehicle for helping a specific Form to manifest is a high-level Spiritual skill that requires Sacrifice, Discernment and Wisdom.

What do you choose to help into Form today?


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