Posted by: fieldsofspirit | January 25, 2011


OK, Friends, here are a few more thoughts about Yang energy.

  • Yang has at times been associated–and mixed-up–with Shadow Masculine.
  • This is energy that barrels through whatever it chooses in order to meet its own needs without much regard for anything else.
  • It has a very narrow lens through which it views the world, and is limited to very self-focused goals.
  • It is often based in ideas and actions that produce short-range results. It does not have  much of a big picture perspective.


  • True Yang is connected to Masculine energy that is very conscious and based in Service to something beyond self-focused views.
  • It is connected to a Way of Life that contributes to the well-being of Patterns beyond a limited vision.
  • It consciously directs energy to unfold and shape the direction of Pathways, deciding what is most helpful at any point in time.
  • There is a commitment to consciousness and alertness, monitoring and tracking both what is Needed and what effects are occurring as choice is made.

This is extraordinarily valuable, and requires much dedication.

  • What calls for true Yang consciousness in your own story today?
  • What shall you choose to either reinforce or change along your Pathway?

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