Posted by: fieldsofspirit | January 24, 2011

Yang and Yin

The energy of “Yang” directs movement and invites us to ask: does the current Pathway need to be reinforced as it is, or does it need to change and move in another direction? This decision, based on discernment and the wisdom of experience, is carried out through the activation of the power of  “Yang.”

The energy of ‘Yin” consciously structures space inways that provide for manifestation of forms: what needs to manifest? How, when andwhere would that serve the Greatest Good? Those decisions, based also on discernment and the experience of wisdom, activate the power of “Yin.”

All processes contain both “Yang” and “Yin.” It is essential to distinguish between them, and to determine what is needed at any one given point in time.

What questions are bubbling-up into your consciousness? How can the use of Yang and Yin energies be helpful in dealing with those questions?


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