Posted by: fieldsofspirit | November 10, 2009

Fields of Spirit: Hope

Hope is the energy connected to a possible, identifiable desire. Hope acts as an interface between future patterns and our perceptions in the present of current and past experiences. 

  • When we draw upon and act with Hope, we strengthen the Field of believing in the Possible that is not yet in form. 
  • We create an openess in ourselves and in the material world that allows us to hold that belief over time–the belief that sustains us even when we don’t know that what we desire is even probable or likely.
  • It helps us stick with the process of exploring how we can manifest a specific vision that we desire, but don’t yet  know how to do so.
  • We Hope when we believe that something specific is possible, but have no guarantee that it will actually occur.   

The Spiritual Practice of Hoping requires the Discernment of the appropriate balance between future possibilities and present conditions.

  • If we have no Hope, we may feel that we are stuck with the present situations in our lives: if things are not as we want them to be and we don’t have any vision that it could be otherwise, that could lead to despair.
  • On the other hand, if we are constantly Hoping for things to change that time and time again do not, we may develop despair in those cases also.
  •  It’s a tricky situation to Discern when to Hope or when to come-to-terms-with the fact that what we are defining as Hope is actually denial and requires us to let go of the hoped-for desire.
  • This Discernment is based on Wisdom, and that develops over time as a result of inner work.

In some cases, we can draw upon the energy of Trust to help us hold hope. This is generally true if we can generalize specific past experiences that apply to what we Hope for now. In other cases, the experiences we have had in the past that reinforce mistrust make the process of Hoping more challenging.

And sometimes even with Trust, along with the Discernment and Wisdom that come from sustained inner work, there is a disruption in the present-future interface that is part of an larger, unfolding story beyond our understanding. In those cases, it will most likely require an influx of the energy of Faith to help us keep going.

We hope for the light breaking through the clouds, but have no guarantee of it…

      Hope allows us to anticipate and feel the possiblity of it!


                                                                                                                   copyright by Jan Bayshor 2009




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