Posted by: fieldsofspirit | November 6, 2009

Fields of Spirit: Trust

The energy of Trust seems a good place to begin as we start to identify Fields that we experience daily. In all cases we want to begin to track how our experiences with these energies affect the choices that we are making. Trust is a particularly potent experience, as it is one of the things that is constantly affecting how we perceive the world and take action in it.

Trust–and mistrust for that matter–are energies based on experiences and patterns from the past.

  • They are cumulative and build-up over time.
  • When we draw upon and act with the energy of Trust, we strengthen the Field of Consistent Connection to something or someone that we can count on. 
  • The Spiritual Practice of Trusting requires discernment of the appropriate balance of past experiences and present conditions in order to lay a template for manifesting future possibilities.
  • It may require us to tap into the energies of Hope and Faith when present conditions are not completely clear.
DSC_4821 2w

Trust: Consistent Presence over Time

copyright by Jan Bayshor 2009


  1. Phenomenal pictorial representation of the concept! Exceptional food for thought.

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