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Strengthening Fields of Spirit: A Call to Action

I’d like to begin to identify and explore the Fields of Spirit that call for Strengthening at this point in time. I define Fields of Spirit as specific energetic Patterns that are associated with different states of being. I am suggesting that the Fields are the basis for qualities of lifequalities that emerge from the underlying Patterns that different Fields hold. 

With this definition, I am asking us to consider some  “what if?” questions.

  • What if there is a specific Field of energy that holds the Pattern of what we call an “emotion?”
  • What if there is a specific energetic pattern for what we call trust? or hope? or love? or hate? or fear? or anything thing else we name as a qualitative human experience?
  • What if every time we experience one of these states we actually add to and strengthen that Field and the particular pattern of energy that it holds in a particular configuration?
  • Can you see the importance of this and the power that we have to affect the world if it is true?

I have been influenced by the work of Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D,  who received his education from both Harvard in philosophy and history and in biochemistry from Clare College, Cambridge in England. He has posited the existence of Fields of energy with specific patterns of what he calls “morphic resonance,” and which he believes are the underlying basis for the structure and experiences of the material world. He believes that the repetition of  a pattern reinforces it–an action that creates “habits”–and that these habits are what we observe and define as “normal.”

His theories have evoked tremendous controversy in the scientific community, even to the point that another scientist publically defined him as a “heretic” and compared him to Galileo. (I don’t know how Sheldrake feels about that, though for me, I find it an interesting metaphor since Galileo turned out to be correct. It took 400 years for the Catholic Church to reverse its condemnation of Galileo and his views. Sometimes change of perspective comes slowly. It would be interesting to know how Sheldrake  and his theoretical experiments and explanations will be viewed in the future.)

There is certainly some evidence–scientifically based–for the existence of energy and phenomenon that is generally not detectable through the normal range of the human sensory system. 

  • For instance, the existence of atomic and subatomic particles and their exact locations at any given point in time is an example.
  • In addition, what we call electrical, magnetic and gravitational fields have not always been identified as clearly as they are today, yet they provide the basis for much of what we take for granted in our-day-to-day world experiences. Consider how our lives would be different if those fields didn’t exist–or if we didn’t believe that they existed.
  • In other areas, we have identified that there are animals with capacities of sensory experience that are different from human ones, such as greater ranges of hearing, sight and smell.
  • Through observation and experience we also know that animals respond directly to different human emotional states; this is especially obvious when we experience the results of someone who is an expert in working with animals who changes the behaviour of the animal by changing his or her own emotional–and thus energetic–state.

We accept all of these things because we have found ways to make sense of them. We have discovered and developed ways to identify and measure them that appeal to the aspects of us that are grounded in logic, and what we experience as the tangible, material world.

For years, Sheldrake has conducted experiments that he believes offer proof of the Fields and their influence on structures and behavior in the material world. Many scientists disagree with his interpretation of the results, and he disagrees with their interpretations. You will have to decide for yourself what you feel is true.

Just know that  for me, much of how I think about the structures and processes of life is based on my own experiences of the relationship that exists between the material and energetic levels. Some cultures have called these the “seen” and the “unseen” worlds. It is not scientific in the strictest sense of the definition, but it is a process of experience, exploration, experimentation and assessment.

I invite you to keep this in mind as you read and interpret my views about the Necessity for us to be conscious of our emotions and thoughts and insights and actions. Over the next series of entries, I’ll be identifying and giving a brief overview of some of the Fields that I am working to strengthen and to encourage others do so also. In the way I am proposing, every choice we make strengthens the Field of which it is a part. What energy Pattern and Field will you strengthen today?

Copyright by Jan Bayshor 2009



  1. I’m now particularly grateful that I thought twice before getting snippy with the service guy at the auto dealership this morning.

    And twice as glad that I’ve been making it a point to have eye contact the cashiers at the drive through windows when I tell them thank you.

    Small, yet important.

  2. Mother Earth Meditation

    I close my eyes
    And let my thoughts drift.
    Deep down into the forest,
    Where the oak trees drink
    From the crystal stream.
    Gentle breezes rustle
    The clusters of trilium.
    Blue violets take naps.
    Snuggling close together,
    Covering their heads
    With green blankets of leaves.
    I ease myself down
    Into the soft bed of ferns.
    Pushing my toes
    Deep into the warm Earth.
    I feel God’s energy
    Fill me with peace.
    Flowing through my soul
    Healing my pain,
    Drying my tears,
    Showing me the way to joy.
    I am learning the dance of the hummingbirds.
    As I walk through life,
    And rest my head
    On nature’s lap.

    Copyright by Kathy Wampler 2011

    Sent with love and light….Kathy

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