Posted by: fieldsofspirit | October 16, 2009

Fields of Spirit: Faith

Faith is an energy that is complex and illusive, filled with paradox.

  • It is part of the Field of the Unknown, and has an existence outside of time and space.
  •  The opportunites to choose and to live with Faith in this day-to-day world come both continually and spontaneously.
  • Faith is an experience of Knowing something that cannot be proven, measured,  predicted or based in logic. It is beyond simple belief.
  • The unexpected, spontaeous opportunities to live with Faith often present themselves when it seems and feels unlikely that choosing this path will have any effect at all. 

The Field of Faith is the Fuel for Mystery and the Unseen Worlds

  • The Spiritual Practice of Choosing Faith strengthens an actual vibratory pattern for Possibility beyond what is even imaginable.
  • Having Faith requires us to hold ourselves open to a process that rarely, if ever, shows itself in a way that exactly matches our perceptions of how it will manifest. Even so,  we hold a certainty that something unproven and unpredictable exists as an underlying Pattern that affects our lives in a useful way.

The Unseen Worlds and Mystery are the Fuel for Faith.

  • Because of all of these things, it is unclear how we develop and sustain Faith.
  • Our capacity to do so is perhaps part of how we are able to define ourselves as Spirit at all.

  What unproven aspects of existence do you hold with the energy of Faith?

   How does this affect your life in general and in this moment specifically?


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