Posted by: fieldsofspirit | September 9, 2009

Begin…Begin, Begin Again…

Calling all Co-Journeyers! May we touch into the Energy of New Beginnings, whoever and wherever we are…
Gr Can 0420w

Begin…Begin, Begin Again…

Spread your senses wide,

like wings! Soar to greater heights

where new vistas live…

Pelican crop 3w

Run your senses deep

like underground streams…cascade,

search, Return to Source…

Hayden 1w

Find new ways to See

Diversity as Beauty–

Tapestries of Life…

California May 06 2 329w

Find new ways to Touch

Harmonic color-sounds of

fresh Awakenings…California May 06 2 304w

Find new ways to Smell

Primordial Memories

of all existence…

California May 06 2 735w

Find new ways to Hear

silent, pulsing, flowing waves

of shared emotion…

California May 06 2 279w

Find new ways to Taste

the fierce Yearning for Union

of Spirit with Form…

Yellow Springs snow shadows0038w

Go beyond mind-sets–

explore Imaginal Realms

and New-Born Visions…

Oregon, Mt. Shasta 08 105w

Unfold your Heart  to

Weave clear sight with empathy:

Strengthen Wisdom’s Way…

California May 06 2 334w

Find Unity in

Fields of Spirit singing of

Greater Perspectives–

DSC_0309 2w

where ideas, bright,

Dance like shimmering Starfields:

Find yourself a-new…

2Christmas 2004 035 2w

Dawes Apr 06 spider web 3w

Through Time, age-to-age

re-Newed once again,  join in!

Wherever you are…



Begin again…and again…and again…

MI Apr 06_0531w



Begin again…and again…and again…



  1. Jan – your new blog is you! I can feel your energy and spirit coming through. – Georgia

  2. Looks GREAT! Hope you’re enjoying your adventure. Things are the usual crazy back here at the ranch…keep the energy flowing.

  3. How exciting it is to click of your blog and find
    new things everyday. You have captured beauty of the universe in not only images but words as well. Your spirit is shining through.

  4. Jan, it is good to have this blogging connection with you. I love seeing your beautiful photos and look forward to your ongoing communications.

  5. Dear Jan~
    Thank you for this wonderful blog to help us remember what fields we want to reinforce.
    Blessings to you in the Dance~

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